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    The Aquaculture Center serves a community of diverse students with a broad range of social, economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds who bring to the school a variety of skills, talents and learning styles. We offer students from school systems in the greater Bridgeport region the opportunity to enhance the traditional academic high school curriculum with a specialized emphasis on science and technology instruction as related to the development of aquaculture in the State of Connecticut.



    School Closings Fall Semester! 

    Sepetember 28,2020 - Yom Kippur 

    October 12, 2020- Italian Heritage day

    October 21, 2020 - One session day/ Half Day (School Improvement)

    November 3, 2020- Election Day

    November 18 & 19, 2020 - Report Card Conferences

    November 25-27, 2020 - Thanksgiving Break

    December 23, 2020 - One session day/ Half Day

    December 24 - 31, 2020- Winter Recess

    January 1,2021 - New Year's Day

    January 6,2021 -Three Kings Day

    January 18,2021- Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    January 20,2021- One session day/ Half Day (School Improvement) 


     Course options at  Aqua! 


    Please click on the courses below to access informative videos on the courses being offered at Aqua.   

    Aquaculture Chemistry

    Aquaculture Physics

    Analytical Chemistry



    Coastal Navigation and Piloting

    Conceptual Physics

    Culture of Aquatic Species

    Marine Ecology (UB Duall Enrollment)

    Marine Manufacturing/Woodshop

    Med-Vet technology

    Methods of Biotechnology

    Seafood Science

    UCONN ECE Biology/Syllabus

    UCONN ECE Environmnetal Science

    UCONN ECE Oceanography 

    UB PHY 201(Dual Enrollment)

    Regarding Honors Chemistry, any sophomore or junior who requests chemistry will be preliminarily assigned based on teacher recommendations; when we return to school we will utilize our chemistry pre-test to ensure that students are prepared to meet the challenges entailed. Students who select BACA will need to complete the BACA application process, and students who select UCONN ECE courses will also have to complete UCONN registration. Those applications will be sent in a separate email to students selecting those options.



     Congratulations on making it to senior year!!

     As students begin the college application process, we would like to remind you of the opportunity to include their supplementary Aqua Program Transcript with their applications to help showcase all of the additional work that the students engage in as part of this program. Attached you will find a generic transcript and the directions for students to ‘personalize’ their transcript. We are happy to mail out copies of these transcripts if students bring addressed envelopes to the office. Complete the Program Transcript (following directions)!

     Thank you & best wishes during what can be a stressful process! 


    Angie's Seafood Market 

    Angie's Seafood market will open every Thursday , starting OCTOBER 1ST from 3-6pm. Please stop by! 


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