• Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan 2021-22

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    The Aquaculture Center serves a community of diverse students with a broad range of social, economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds who bring to the school a variety of skills, talents and learning styles. We offer students from school systems in the greater Bridgeport region the opportunity to enhance the traditional academic high school curriculum with a specialized emphasis on science and technology instruction as related to the development of aquaculture in the State of Connecticut.


    In-Person Recruitment Open House



    Virtual Information Session

    If you missed the virtual information session, please watch this recording at your convinience. 


    Angie's Seafood market at Aqua

    Angie's Seafood Market will open for business on the first Thursday of October, 10/7/21.
    When : 3- 6pm
    Where: Seafood Science classroom at Aquauclture
    Please email your order before 8 AM on Thursdays to guarantee having the product you desire ready when you arrive!

    Here's the Angie's flyer for this week:

    Ang 1021

    email: angiesaqua@bridgeportedu.net


    Accepting Online Applications for 2022-2023 School Year

    Online application for 2022-2023 school year is now OPEN!

    The steps to take to apply to the Bridgeport Regional Aquaculture Science and Technology Educational Center are: 

    1. Fill out supplemental forms attached (release of records and parent/student agreement)
    2. Email completed supplemental materials to Ssalce@bridgeportedu.net with subject: SUPPLEMENTAL DOCUMENTS FOR AQUACULTURE APPLICATION
    3. Request 3 letters of recommendation (counselorteacherpersonal) and have recommenders email them directly to Ssalce@bridgeportedu.net
    4. Fill out the digital application
    5. Once we are in receipt of the 1) records of release, 2) student/parent agreement, 3) three letters of recommendation, and 4) the completed digital application, your application will be complete and will be evaluated for admission.
    6. We have a rolling application process with no closing date, however we fill seats on a first-come, first-served basis.


     Course options at  Aqua! 


    Please click on the courses below to access informative videos on the courses being offered at Aqua.   

    Aquaculture Chemistry

    Aquaculture Physics

    Analytical Chemistry



    Coastal Navigation and Piloting

    Conceptual Physics

    Culture of Aquatic Species

    Marine Ecology (UB Duall Enrollment)

    Marine Manufacturing/Woodshop

    Med-Vet technology

    Methods of Biotechnology

    Seafood Science

    UCONN ECE Biology/Syllabus

    UCONN ECE Environmnetal Science

    UCONN ECE Oceanography 

    UB PHY 201(Dual Enrollment)

    Regarding Honors Chemistry, any sophomore or junior who requests chemistry will be preliminarily assigned based on teacher recommendations; when we return to school we will utilize our chemistry pre-test to ensure that students are prepared to meet the challenges entailed. Students who select BACA will need to complete the BACA application process, and students who select UCONN ECE courses will also have to complete UCONN registration. Those applications will be sent in a separate email to students selecting those options.


     Having trouble setting up your Parent account on PowerSchool? Under the applications and forms tab at left you will find a powerpoint with step by step directions titled "PowerSchool Parent Portal"; or please call the main office (203) 275-2926 with questions.