• Mrs. Desautels
    Room 107


  • Reading nightly helps improve literacy skills. First grade students must improve so much in just 9 months. They go from being able to read a few words to reading books by year's end! Listen to your child, ask questions about what they have read, and let reading time be fun.
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    Parents, Children are expected to be on the playground at 8:40 am. Grade 1 is dismissed at 3:00 from the playground. Parents, please do not come to the classroom to pick-up your child. Early pick-up arrangements must be made by 2:00 through the office (203.576.7186). Also, please be on time!

Homework News

  • Math and literacy homework will be sent home on Monday - Thursday. Please read every night and check your child's folders. Please correct and sign all homework. If we work together we can help your child reach to their fullest potential.

School Supplies

  • Homework folders will be sent home Mon.-Thurs.. Please feel free to use these folders for communications. Any notices from the school will be found in here. To help keep our room clean and germ free we will gladly accept donations of tissues, paper towels, Clorox wipes, and hand sanitizer (like Purell). Your child will need a backpack. Just big enough to hold their folder and a small snack. Our closet space is small and unable to store large backpacks like those with the wheels. .