• Second Quarter Honor Roll

    First Honors


    Alec Antunes     Carly Costello     Dynaijah Cruz     Andrew Dunning     Ari Felman     Miriam Kugonza     Vinicius Machado     Cooper Mason

    Rohan Mistry     Rose Mohammed     Keionne Myrick     John Nguyen     Ashton Perkins     Param Pithadia     Lucas Rodrigues

    Christian Sanders     Giovane Santana     Toyi Shimizu     Connor Skrtich     Amun Spears     Paris Stevens     Christian Velazquez


    Tufayel Ahmed     Mike Avila     Eva Bernadel     Yajaira Bonilla     Genesis Cruz-Gutierrez     Edwin Garcia     Stephen Hojnowski

    Dashanelle Holness     Chandini Kalidindi     Aleena Khan     Shantel Porter     Chandon Richards


    Domenic Cammarota     Thomas Donnelly     Catheryn Espinosa     Stefanie Granda

    Zoltan Makroczi     Lindsey Mohammed     Jonah Neal-Noschese     Anneliese Ovalle 


    Zachary Allen     Damian Delgado     Erin Doyle     Daniel Echeverri     Arlan Edwards     Abel Gebretinsae

    Kelly Guamarrigra     Monique Harvey     Stephen Kaine     Thomas Kaine     Eleanor Lennon     Kevin Lo

    Liam McCombe     Justin Mejia     Alehandro Rodrigues     Jinandry Valencia     Jason Velasco     Paul Zint

    Second Honors


    Joel Addo     Brittany Blake     David Camayo Ocampo     Javier Lares     Gene Lowery     Jhonathan Mazo     Savoth Meach

    Joseph Pereiro     Vince Quintuna     Xander Smith     Frank Vega Pagan     Jason Warner     Thomas Wilkins 


    Daniel Alabre     Imani Billie     Kevin Camayo Ocampo     Isaiah DeWitt     Aeona Dixon

    Brendan Downer     Celine Etienne     Miguel Franco Rios     Maxfield Lane     Ashton Lockhart

    Luiz Macedo     Christopher Mejia     Kourtney Payne     Samantha Perez     Ryan Ramdial

    Hezekiah Theophile     Alexander Wolfinger     Rodney Woods     Mya Zayas


    Yasmin Aca Sotarriva     Ryan Bourque     Roberto Hernandez-Velez

    Max Markowsky     Yosairi Olivo Ortiz     Ana Reinheimer


    Victoria Castellani     Steven Cedillo     Carrington Flynn     Eliana Lopez

  • Vision:

    The Aerospace/Hydrospace and Physical Sciences High School, an institution that fosters an inclusive campus culture that embraces diversity, civility and multiculturalism, will prepare its graduates to solve problems and apply new technologies within an interconnected and evolving global environment.

    Core Beliefs:

    • Our environment values and models character, academics and relationships
    • Work to consistently safeguard the safety, dignity and well-being of all its members.
    • A static curriculum is a dying curriculum.   Revision and development with field experts ensures that the education we provide is current and thematic based.
    • In providing our teachers with high quality, discrete magnet professional development. 
    • Diverse backgrounds and ideas are crucial to academic excellence
    • All children have the potential to achieve if provided with individualized instruction.        
    • College and career are by-products of our school and children must have experiences with both.


    The mission of the Aerospace/Hydrospace and Physical Sciences High School is to build an academic community whose members have diverse cultures, backgrounds and life experiences and educate those students in ways that lead to fulfilling careers and to create a culture for passionate investigators to develop solutions for the global community. We work to educate the nation's future leaders in engineering and prepare them for professional that have yet to exist.   Further, we seek to expand the frontiers of engineering and to encourage technological innovation while fostering academic excellence and scholarly learning in a project based learning environment.

  • 2020 Region 1 Magnet Schools of America Teacher of the Year

    David Viesto

    David Viesto - Math

    Awarded to one magnet teacher from the region including Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and The District of Columbia each year. Mr. Viesto was the recipient of the award for the 2019-20 school year due to his dedication and hard work improving his craft in his 7+ years teaching at Aero. We are proud and honored to have such an amazing teacher at our school.
If you have a change in attendance, address or switching enrolling between remote and in person, please contact Lisa Salgado
  • Magnet Schools of America School of Excellence Award 2020
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