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Mr. Brandon

The Bassick Ceramics Studio has the needed structure to further our contemporary questions. The Studio will grow as personal responsibility and generally respectful use and clealiness are now anchored collectively. The Bassick Ceramics Studio is a Handbuilding Studio offering challenges that build Student Skill. Hygene and clenliness have been notable points of Studio improvement for the years of my tenure, and through an understanding of the importance of respect and clenliness, Students will continue to expreience the value of our materials. The on-line component will now also grow, toward depth of Ceramics Study and towards a broader Sculpture and Architectural scope, dependant on Student research and response. 

The Bassick Ceramics Studio has been a Student lead environment, cultivated with a Montessori influence and the natural inquisitiveness of our Students. I evolved this response thanks to recent learning and historical models established in my upbringing. The Studio thus reflects the roles I played in High School Studios throughout Lambton County Ontario, as an assistant in Studios at The University of Western Ontario and a Graduate Assistant at New York University. I learned to adapt my Provincial understandings of Studio Workspaces to our 21th century youth during assignments here at Blackham, at MicroSociety Magnet School in New Haven and experiences amongst Norwalk Ct's Middle and High Schools. Briggs in Norwalk and Pride Academy informed my Teacher's Voice and Directorial positioning to create the Student responsive Studio we have enjoyed these past few years. For the student, the expreience centers on "The work of your hands" and the truths built therein. "Make the studio work for you, by making work in the stuido" does not need a terminal punctuation: it is a life long practice.