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    Principal Carla Fontes‐Alers

    As principal of John Winthrop School, I am privileged to be part of an amazing learning community. Our families, our students, our teachers, our staff  and our community partners are all committed to the academic and social/emotional success of our learners. As a first generation American (with Portuguese as my first language, English as my second language, and Spanish as my third language), I enjoy working with such a very diverse and talented school group of scholars and their families. Our teaching staff is dedicated to supporting this diversity in the classrooms, in extracurricular activities, and in special events throughout the school year. Whether in curriculum, hands-on activities, or oral discussions of timely topics, students' differences, strengths, and needs are celebrated every day in our school.  We encourage families  to join us in these learning journeys with a variety of family-student events all through the school year. It is the involvement of families, staff, and community helpers that fosters an environment that helps students thrive and succeed in building knowledge and character at John Winthrop and beyond. I'm looking forward to working with our school family to continue providing a safe, engaging, and academically excellent educational setting!

    Carla S. Fontes-Alers
    John Winthrop School
    Bridgeport Public Schools 
  • Assistant Principal Shirley Ricart-Underhill 

    Greetings all. I welcome you to John Winthrop Elementary School. I believe that wellness is at the core of a healthy school community. A student’s state of being is a critical component of their academic and social development. This is why I am committed to working alongside our learning community to promote physical, emotional, cultural and intellectual safety. I strive to ensure access to education for all learners. In my role, I partner with Mrs. Alers, parents, teachers, support staff, cafeteria staff, the custodial team and students to help maintain a school community focused on wellness, knowledge and engagement. 

    I  believe that parents are their child’s first and most important teacher and advocate. Parents and guardians are the cornerstone of their child’s personal and academic development.  

    I work with parents to support their understanding of how to navigate programs, services, and resources. To educate is to liberate. To this end, we work in partnership with guardians, educators, students, and community partners to help sustain a positive learning and academically high-achieving John Winthrop school community. I am thrilled to work with the Winthrop community to shape young minds and to add value to a thriving learning community. Together we can achieve it! Juntos podemos lograrlo! juntos podemos alcançá-lo!


    Shirley Ricart Underhill
    Vice Principal
    John Winthrop School
    Bridgeport Public School