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    State Law requires all school age youth attend school regularly. CLASS ABSENCES If a student is not physically present in class, he/she is marked absent, unexcused. School related absences are not included in full day attendance records but are included in class attendance. Students who participate in “skip days” or the equivalent are assigned an unexcused absence. Excuses such as “for personal reasons” are not acceptable and will be considered unexcused. Board of Education Attendance Policy The Bridgeport Board of Education is committed to working with students and their families to promote regular attendance, which in turn encourages personal growth by preparing the student to accept similar responsibilities in the world outside of the high school setting. These attendance regulations are designed to help students to understand that the benefits of regular attendance will be gained through responsibility and commitment. High School students must be present in school for a minimum of 160 days to receive graduation credit (toward the 225 credits required for graduation from high school) for full year courses and for a minimum of 80 days for semester courses at the high school level. Students who do not meet this minimum requirement may appeal their loss of graduation credit to an Attendance Review Team comprised of administrators, teachers and student support staff. The Team will review the student’s attendance record and may consider reasons for absences such as the following: 1. Medical problems (documentation may be required; it is expected that students schedule doctor’s appointments after school) 2. Family emergencies 3. Court appearances 4. Deaths in family 5. College interviews or visits 6. Religious holidays 7. Other specific excuses such as a serious medical illness or other serious extenuating circumstances are dependent on the judgment of the building administrator HARDING ATTENDANCE POLICY Good attendance is essential for success in school. Harding High School has a strict attendance policy. Highlights of the policy:
     Students with more than six unexcused absences from school will receive either a 10% grade reduction or a failing grade if they have not mastered the course content.
    * The Assistant Principal will enter excused absences on the computer. Excused absences include medical notes, legal notes serious personal situations as determined by assistant principal. Also, the student should not be penalized for an approved field trip or an approved early dismissal for an interscholastic sport.