Attendance Playlist

Attendance Works: A Community Imperative
Attendance Works has created this video to explain the problem of chronic absence—its prevalence across the country and its impact on student achievement at every grade level. We also offer solutions that can engage the school and the community in building a culture of good attendance. And we give examples of how communities and school districts are addressing the barriers that keep students from getting to school.

Bringing Attendance Home: Engaging Parents in Preventing Chronic Absence
In this video from Attendance Works, a variety of parents speak about the importance of school attendance and making sure absences don’t add up. This video offers practical, every day steps parents can take to help their children attend school and highlights ways schools and communities can help reduce barriers to attendance.
Video in English

Trayendo La Asistencia A Casa: Involucrando a los Padres en la Prevención de la Ausencia Crónica
Video in Spanish