Supervised Aquaculture Experience (SAE)

    SAE is a required component of the aquaculture curriculum. It is an introduction to career awareness that goes beyond the regular classroom to provide additional aquaculture-related experiences. Students will be assigned a teacher who will assist the student with choosing an option. These options will enable students to apply what is learned at our school to an outside program or job that can possibly develop into a future career opportunity.

    Aquaculture students have transitioned to using the Agricultural Experience Tracker (AET) for creating their SAEs and logging their progress. This is in place of the older system of paper Implementation Plans and Log Sheets. Students are provided log-in information for their account on theaet.com in order to set-up their SAE, log journals and upload products. Incoming students work with their first semester teacher to set up their first year's SAE on AET. Each marking period, students complete 20 hours for their SAE, documented in their AET journals, and complete 20 hours each summer after their first year is completed.