• SS/HS Goals - Core Elements

    SS/HS Core Elements:

    Element 1: Promoting Early Childhood Social and Emotional Learning and Development

    o   Developing children’s social and emotional skills that will lay the foundation for future healthy interpersonal relationships, association with non-violent peers, and improved academic achievement.

    Element 2: Promoting Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Health

    o   Enhancing an individual’s ability to achieve developmentally appropriate tasks and a positive sense of self-esteem, mastery, and well-being and to strengthen their ability to cope with adversity through enhanced integration, coordination, and resource sharing.

    Element 3: Connecting Families, Schools, and Communities

    o   Linking families, schools, and communities together to increase and improve the quality of their engagement in planning and implementing programs and activities that assist students.

    Element 4: Preventing Behavioral Health Problems
                       (including Substance Use)

    o   Addressing the prevention or reduction of substance use in coordination with broader environmental strategies that address change not only at the individual, classroom, and school levels, but also at the family and community levels.

    Element 5: Creating Safe and Violence-Free Schools

    o   Identifying and addressing issues, conditions, behaviors, and structures that contributes to unsafe school environments and violence in schools.


     “SS/HS has provided services to 13+ million youth and has offered more than 2 billion in funding and other resources to 365 communities and 49 states across the nation.”– SAMHSA

    Bridgeport SS/HS Initiative will:

    • Coordinate the Boy Town Model Training for our therapeutic program and  SOARS/AIMS classrooms.

    • Implement Suicide Prevention/Intervention Programs.

    • Facilitate the school use of the new Power School Page… Student Support Page which will support improved mental health practices and tracking of mental health referrals.

    • Increase supports and awareness for the LGBTQ students within the district.

    • Provide increased opportunities for all district staff and community partners to access mental health training with Kognito virtual training and YMHFA training.

    • Develop district-wide protocol to support students who suffer from substance use related issues.

    • Explore the use of assessments that can be consistently implemented throughout the district that will enable us to identify and support students with mental health concerns proactively.

    • Support the district wide implementation of the Ruler and PBIS.

    • Establish partnerships with community agencies to provide our students with mental health services both in our school buildings and in the community.