• Community Management Team (CMT)

    The mission of the federal Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative is to support school and community partnerships in their efforts to develop and coordinate integrated systems that create safe, drug-free, and respectful environments for learning and to promote the behavioral health of children and youth.

    The SS/HS Community Management Team (CMT) consists of key stakeholders and service providers from Bridgeport that support the SS/HS mission and will be involved with the implementation of the strategic plan.  The CMT represents the following sectors: Education, Juvenile Justice, Law Enforcement, Social Services, Youth Services, Community Organizations, Healthcare, and Substance Abuse Prevention/Treatment.

    The CMT holds monthly meetings throughout the year to collaborate on all aspects of the Bridgeport SS/HS Initiative.  In addition to individual commitments from partner organizations, all CMT partners collaborate and share a set of responsibilities towards making the Bridgeport SS/HS Initiative successful. These include:

    • Supporting the mission of the SS/HS initiative;
    • Participating in monthly CMT meetings;
    • Contributing to the strategic planning process;
    • Working with partners in the implementation of grant activities;
    • Reviewing monthly status reports;
    • Serving on ad hoc committees for project implementation; and

    Providing data required by the local evaluation team for the evaluation of the SS/HS plan

    Community Collaborations

    The Safe Schools Healthy Students Iniative is currently  in collarobation with many community providers to assist with establishing mental health/substance use services within the Bridgeport public schools.  Those community parners include but are not limited to; The Child and Family Guidance Center, Bridgeport United Coaliation/GBAPP, RYSAP, Nehemiah Commission, CHAMP mentoring program and many others.

    SS/HS wants to thank you for your continuing commitment in helping us make our schools and this community safe.  We want to express our gratitude on your continued support and cooperation in this regard.  We hope that you will continue to stand by our side in this great endeavor of promoting safe drug free, respectful environments for learning and the promotion of behavioral health for children. We look forward to a long lasting relationship that will ultimately enhance the schools and the community at large.