• Health Class Syllabus


    Teacher: Mrs. Shields

    Room: 204 

    E-Mail: ashields@bridgeportedu.net

    Class Credits: 1 (one semester course)

    Extra Help: Available upon request


    Rules for Success:

    1. Come to every class on time.

    2. Be engaged in your class activity.

    3. Develop and maintain positive respect and rapport with teachers and others in the class.


    Course Grading/Evaluation:

    Homework/Quizzes: 20%

    Projects: 30%

    Classwork Folder: 30%

    Tests: 20%


    A: 100-90

    B: 80-89


    D: 65-69

    F: 55-64


    Attendance: Being in school is an important step in earning your diploma.  Any student missing 5 or more classes a quarter will receieve an F for the quarter.  Any student missing 20 or more classes a year will receive an F..  An appeal process will be put in place for absences.  It is important to bring in notes for any missed days to your house office.