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Parent Tips

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    Parent Tips to Support Your Child When You Suspect That Your Child May Be Bullied

    It can be very upsetting to learn that your child may be experiencing difficulties with others in school or could be experiencing bullying. It is important to remember these following steps to support your child/ student to resolve situation.

    • If you notice that your child’s behavior, appearance, or interest in school has changed it may indicate your child may need your help or support.

    • Ask your child open ended questions like: How is it going in school? Who do you sit with during lunch? What do you like about going to school? Who do you feel safe to talk to about situations in school?

    • Allow your child to express their concerns without jumping in and tell their own story

    • Remain calm while your child tells their story

    • If your child should disclose information regarding feeling harassed, threatened, or bullied, you may want to document the incident and submit a Bullying Behavior Parent Concern Form to the School Climate Officer.

    Helpful Questions to Ask Your Child:

    1. What happened in school today/ when did the situation happen?
    2. What person/people demonstrated bullying behavior
    3. Where did this situation occur?
    4. Who was around, or who saw the event occur?
    5. What did you?
    6. Who did you tell?
    7. How many times has this situation occurred?