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High School Bullying Flow Chart

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    High School Bullying Flow Chart for Students

    Bullying is: behavior that deliberately tries to cause distress to another person.
    This means that the bully knows that their actions / words are upsetting you and they keep on doing it because that is how they want you to feel.

    How can you identify Bullying?

    • Bullying can be physical (for example hitting, kicking and pushing).

    • Bullying can be verbal (the words that they say to you).

    • Bullying can happen by text message and on-line (cyber-bullying).

    So, what do you do if you or someone you know is bullied?

    • You must tell someone. There is nothing wrong in this. If you tell someone, you are not only protecting yourself, you save other people from suffering in the same way. Tell your teacher or an adult that you trust. DO NOT take action yourself.

    • Save the evidence - Keep a record of what’s been going on – remember the 4 W’s: What, Where, When and Who. This will help the person helping you to understand the situation and help you to resolve it. If it’s cyberbullying BLOCK the person or group and do not respond back!

    • The teachers will sort it out for you and the bully. Nobody should put up with being bullied. Bullying is wrong and hurtful.

    •  Plan next steps - Your school should put an action plan in place to stop the bullying and keep you safe and free from harm. If your school does not take what you’re telling them seriously, your parents/guardians could arrange a meeting with your school to talk through how the situation will be resolved.