Office 365 Migration Project

  • Project Summary:

         Bridgeport Public Schools has been piloting Microsoft Office 365 since school year 2016-2017 and determined as many Districts have, that it represents the best migration course for our District systems to adapt to the world's steady migration to the cloud. Office 365 provides the best option for a District of our size, because it works well and integrates with all computer platforms and devices including Google ChromeBooks, Apple iPads, Android Devices, our vast legacy Windows devices and new up and our up and coming Windows 10S next generation systems. The ITS department made Office 365 availble for general usage to the District's users in school year 2017-2018 to begin general adoption of the platform. 

         Microsoft OneDrive is used to store user personal files (i.e. H Drive, My Documents, Desktop, Google Drive, etc), while SharePoint is the group version of OneDrive for different departments, schools and the District Office to share files and collaborate together (i.e. K/Q/S Drives, Google Drive, Network Shares, etc). At the begining of school year 2018-2019, the process of migrating all user data over to Microsoft OneDrive began with an anticipated end date of the begining of next school year (2019-2020). ITS will continue to provide assistance to any staff and faculty that have questions regarding this process and how meet their own needs.

         Microsoft OneDrive/SharePoint are the only offically supported and sanctioned storage platforms for all District file storage as of the begining of school year 2018-2019. Google Drive, DropBox, Box, Amazon FileShare, Apple iCloud and any other third party file storage platforms are not allowed for the storage of any FERPA, GLBA, HIPAA, CT-PA-16-189 protected information in the Bridgeport Public School District. ITS recognizes that staff and faculty have data stored in a myriad of places and that it will be a substantial process to migrate all data. As we work together to move data to our new platform, please make sure that any new data is created on OneDrive/SharePoint going forward to reduce dependancy of older locations such as your desktop, flash drives and other storage providers. ITS will be avaiable to assist in migration of your materials as needed, please make sure to place a ticket with the Help Desk at or calling (203) 275-1114.

          The District will be completing it's migration to Office 365 by migrating all of the District's e-mail over to Exchange Online to complete the on-boarding process. Currently, e-mail for most staff is accessed through and it can continue to be gotten through that address. In the near future, it can additionally be accessed directly through the Office 365 portal ( Please see the handout below for further information on the process. All faculty and staff received a district-wide notification about this process and as each target group is scheduled to be migrated, prior to migration, we will notify you with more specific information as it purtains to your location.

    As always, if you have any questions or concerns with our project please e-mail the Director of ITS. 

    Project Highlights:

    • Office 365 E-mail Guide (Handout)

    • Office 365 Training Materials (click here)

    • Bridgeport Public Schools Promotional Video with Microsoft (click here)


    Schedule of Data Migration - (Fall SY18-19):

       Manual Group
       (ITS optional assisted as requested by user) 

    • Pilot Test Group (Completed)
    • School SYSOPs and Webmaster (Completed)
    • District Faculty (in-process)
      • Elementary/Secondary Schools
      • Traditional High Schools
      • Specialized High Schools

       Mandatory Assisted Group
       (ITS directly assisted due to compliance guideline enforcement)

    • School Clerical (in-process)
    • School Staff (in-process)
    • School Administration (in-process)
    • City Hall Staff (Completed)
    • District Facilites (Completed)
    • Board of Education & Executive Staff (Completed)

    Schedule of E-mail Migration (Spring SY18-19):

    • Pilot Test Group (Completed)
    • School SYSOPs and Webmasters (April)
    • District Faculty (April - End of School)
      • Elementary/Secondary Schools
      • Traditional High Schools
      • Specialized High Schools
    • School Clerical (immediately following faculty)
    • School Staff (immediately following faculty)
    • School Administration (immediately following faculty)
    • District Staff (Summer 2019)
    • City Hall Staff (Summer 2019)
    • Board of Education & Executive Staff (Summer 2019)