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  • High School Credit Based Diploma

    In the High School Credit program students earn academic credit in required subjects areas (English, Math, History, and Science), which are added to any credits already earned in previous high school classes. Upon fulfilling all core and elective requirements, students receive a high school diploma. Must meet state required test scores to enter.

      • Credit may be given for previously earned high school credits, volunteer work, community service, military experience, or independent study.

      • 200 Points are required to receive a Diploma, which is awarded by the Bridgeport Public Schools.

      • Bridgeport Adult Education requires students to earn 40 credits in English, 30 credits in Mathematics, 30 credits in Social Studies, 20 credits in Science, 10 credits in Tech Ed or Art, and 70 elective credits.

    After meeting with one of our counselors who will review your existing credits, a planned program will be outlined for you so you can fulfill all requirements and earn a high school diploma. Credit Diploma classes are offered at Central High School in the evening, from 6:30 P.M. to 8:15 P.M. Each class is held for two nights, Monday & Wednesday and/or Tuesday & Thursday. Students must attend a minimum of 48 hours in each subject area class. Students who enjoy an academic setting and group interaction or who plan to further their education and want to improve their academic skills are also encouraged to enroll in this program. Call 203-275- 1509 for more information.