Math Night
  • All students now have access to Lexia Core 5.  It is available to students in Grades K-5. Students can access Lexia Core 5 through the Clever portal.  Students are familiar with this portal when they access i-Ready.  This  valuable tool provides differentiated literacy instruction for students of all abilities, and targets six areas of reading instruction. Lexia engages and motivates students in a game-like environment and teachers and students alike can progress-monitor their accomplishments.
    Students use their Username and Password to access the Clever portal.  Find Lexia Core 5 and log in the same way-Username and Password.
    Available via iPad, Chromebook, or browser.
    Questions can directed to Nancy Sherback, Interventionist, at

Here are some tips from our teachers during Distance Learning

  • Parents/Students How to do an assignment and turn it in on TEAMs 

    1. Go to the team page  
    1. Click assignments  
    1. Choose the assignment you want to work on  
    1. Click on the attached file in the assignment  
    1. Go to the top right hand corner of the word document 
    1. Click “edit document” 
    1. Select “edit in browser”  
    1. Complete your work  
    1. Make sure it says “saved” at the top  
    1. Click the close button to go back to the assignment page  
    1. Click turn in 
Kinder. cover letter
  • Mrs. Warrington's Class 

    Dear Parents, 

    I am providing you with Learning Bins along with Bridgeport Public Schools Distant Learning Packet for Pre-K/K. The packet and bins will give you the resources to engage your child in learning. Each bin is organized, labeled, and has instructions for the activities.  I will be reaching out to you throughout the day, but please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you and please stay home and stay safe! 

    Ms. Leigh Warrington 

     Learning Bin Contents: 

    • Pencil, crayons, glue, scissors, dry erase marker, highlighter, construction paper, small black containers for sorting, play-doh and tools 
    • Story Journal- write something daily, your child may need you to write with the highlighter and then trace with a pencil 
    • Me, Myself, and I- book to complete 
    • Mrs. Wishy Washy’s Tub- story with comprehension questions, you can also use books you have at home 
    • AP Word Family- flash cards, tracing cards with the dry erase marker 
    • Memory & Matching- play memory with the cards, and match words to pictures 
    • Pattern Blocks- match shapes to the cards, create own designs, use for shape patterns (ex. diamond, square, triangle, diamond, square, triangle) sort by shape or color. 
    • Counting Bears- use the numbers from the center or ask for your child to count with the bears to a specific number, sort by color 
    • Building Words Center- match and fill in with letter tiles 
    • Unifix Cubes- sort by color, create color patterns (ex. Red, blue, yellow, red, blue, yellow), color counting build (ex. 3 blue cubes and 2 green cubes equals 5 cubes all together) 
    • Links- color patterns, sorting by color, snap them together, compare chains (ex. Short, long, the same) 
    • Find the Number Center- match and fill in numbers to quantities 
    • Measuring Cups & Spoons- take apart and have your child nest them into each other, compare sizes, ordinal numbers and counting (1st, 2nd, 3rd) 



    Dear Parents,
    Please read all correspondence from our Superintendent, Mr. Testani.
    Mrs. Siciliano and I are working on providing a packet of work for each student for the time period starting on 4/1.
    Please email us with ANY questions or concerns:
    Mrs. Siciliano []
    Mrs. Siciliano has also invited all parents in both classes to join Class Dojo – please check Dojo frequently and if you don’t have an invitation please send your cell phone number to
    Mrs. Hernandez @
    Mrs. Hernandez @ (203) 943-3732
    If for any reason you can not reach us through email, please call the school at (203)576-7500


    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    I hope this letter finds you and your family well. I know this packet does not replace what we normally do in class on a daily basis, but it is my hope that this packet allows your child to practice skills that are required of 3rd graders. This packet was designed for all 3rd graders in the district. It is imperative that your child spends at least 1-2 hours a day reviewing their skills. I know this is a challenging time for everyone, but it’s our goal to ensure students are learning as much as possible.

    In addition to this packet, your child can log on to i-Ready to complete math lessons. I sent home usernames and passwords last Thursday, but would be happy to provide that information again if you need it. This site is really beneficial because I will be monitoring their progress. I can reassign a lesson if they are having trouble or I can assign lessons to help them with something they are having difficulty with. I will monitor their progress closely and assign/reassign lessons when necessary. In addition, there are many websites that are creating free resources during this time. Below you will find a list of additional sites that would be beneficial for your child.

    A few months ago, we made multiplication flash cards in class. It is really important that your child continues practicing and reviewing their facts. Having their math facts up to 12 x 12 memorized is vital when they move up to 4th grade. The list of sites below includes activities to practice multiplication and division.

    I know the district has sent out emails regarding food service, but I will reiterate what they have said just in case you haven’t received the emails. Breakfast and lunch will be served to students Monday thru Friday. Breakfast is served from 8:30-9:30 and lunch is served from 11:30-12:30. This is a “grab and go” system. Please check the district website to ensure you have up to date information as things may change as time goes on.

    Lastly, please email me if you have any questions or concerns. If your question is detailed, I can call you to discuss it. If your child is having difficulty with any part of the packet, I can walk them through it. I will do everything I can to help your child learn and retain the necessary 3rd grade content.

    Nicole Matthews

    Websites for additional learning:

    This site has reading and math content available. The content engages students with text, videos and pictures. It also has questions (math and reading) that students can answer after reading. Math games Math games

    Dear Parents and Third Graders,


        I just wanted to start off by saying that I hope everyone is well and safe.  I also wanted all of my “boys and girls” to know that I am thinking about you daily and I miss you all very much.  I hope the packet that Mrs. Matthews and I sent home last week has been helpful and has provided some educational support during these difficult times.  Although these packets can never replace the learning environment of the classroom or a teacher, unfortunately, it is all we can offer at this time.  Parents, in trying to keep things as normal as possible in such uncertain times, please know that if you should happen to have any questions about any activities that you can do at home with your children, please feel free to reach out and ask for assistance.  I will be checking my e-mails frequently throughout the day to answer any questions that you may have. My e-mail address is   Please continue to have your child read a minimum of thirty minutes each day.  I have enclosed a reading log in which they can record the text they read along with the pages or chapters they read as well as the time they read.  Another suggestion I have is while your child is reading, if they should happen to come across any words that they are uncertain of the meaning, have them write that word in the last column of the reading log. Once they have completed their reading for the day, you can then go back and work with your child to develop a meaning for these words. I have also attached a book report that you can have your child complete for at least two of the books they read each week. You can use context clues within the text, pictures or synonyms that you may find to help figure out the meanings of these words.  Parents, please continue to have your child complete our Monday night reader’s response question.  You can simply have them write the response on a sheet of paper and use any fictional text you have at home to complete the assignment.  If you would like your child to complete other writing assignments, please feel free to have them respond to any of the responses we have worked on throughout the year.  This current packet of work has enough work for the coming week.  We will be sending home new packets as required.  In closing, I would just like to say please be safe and know that I am thinking about you and your families.  I am staying positive that life will return to normal as quickly as possible.



                                                                                                                  Gary Adinolfi


    Hi Fourth Grade Families! 

    We are missing all of our students and hoping you are all doing well! During this change in school we ask that your child spends time completing the packet provided by the school district. We will be available by our class DOJO app and school emails for any questions or concerns 

    Mrs. Meehan- 

    Mrs. Peterson- 

    In addition to the packet here are some other things your child can work on while at home: 

    Reading: WhoWas? App/site 

    Students should also be reading for at least 20 minutes a day. Ask them questions about what they are reading and let them read their books aloud to you.  

     Math: Students can use their log in for the Iready math practice site (students know how to access this.) They can also go on and do computation drills.  

     We can’t wait to be back in school with everyone! 

    Mrs. Meehan and Mrs. Peterson 😊 

    Fifth Grade


    We  hope this finds all of you coping with all of the challenges we are facing, and you are staying healthy.  Attached you will find a packet provided by the district.  

    Please ensure that your child works on this packet to the best of their ability.  In addition be sure they are reading at least 45 minutes or more each day.

    We will check our  email everyday to be sure we can help in any way while we are figuring out this new way of learning.  Do not hesitate to reach Ms Smolen through or school email with any questions, or Mr. Payne at   We will be checking  both.

    In the interim, please send us how you would like to receive any other work We will be sending in the next weeks.  What is the best way for us to communicate.  Please be sure to send us your child’s name when you do.

    We will continue to send messages through Please stay well.

    Ms. Smolen and Mr. Payne


    Mr. Payne’s Tips & Guidance for 5th Grade Math at Home:

    • Families should encourage students to put their best efforts into their work. Families should also be patient if a student is struggling or those helping the student are not familiar with the learning content. I will be available and checking in with you to support and aid the learning at home.
    • The March 23rd Packet contains six math activities that could be spread throughout the week and be done in the order the student chooses. I would like students to spend an additional 20 minutes each day to review and practice their math skills, but it can be done in variety of ways.
    1. Students have their math binders/notes and can use them to review past lessons and assignments.
    2. Students have multiplication charts (some have flashcards) and can practice to develop their fact fluency.
    3. Students can use a dry erase marker to practice evaluating place value and decimal values on their binder charts.
    4. Students can do math activities on the internet. Ideally, they will go on i-Ready where they will have assigned lessons that correspond to what they have been learning in class. I am aware of some students have said their web browsers do not support i-Ready. An alternative to this is, which does not appear to have the same browser issues. See below for instructions and additional web-based resources I would recommend. I will be available to my best to assist with website questions and troubleshooting.


    Clever: Students are familiar with logging on in school portal to access

    I-Ready and Moby Max. Both provide lessons and practice activities that can be adjusted to student needs and learning levels.

     Khan (customized lessons and practice activities): Sign up with our class code JEUP68YV

     Greg Tang (Creative math problem solving) (Practice activities for math skills.)

     Common Core (Math activity and practice sheets.)

     Math (Math activity and practice sheets.)

    Sixth Grade 


    I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! Attached is a packet provided by the district along with an additional packet. Please ensure your child completes these activities to the best of their ability. In addition to these packets, please make sure your child is reading everyday. 

    I will continue to do my best to post additional assignments and activities on Remind. If you are not already signed up, please sign up so you can be aware of these assignments. To sign up, text @msrossir to the number 81010. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out via Remind or e-mail,


    Ms. Rossi 

    Room 208 


    I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! Attached is a packet provided by the district along with an additional packet. Please ensure your child completes these activities to the best of their ability. In addition to these packets, please make sure your child is reading everyday. 

    I will continue to do my best to post additional assignments and activities on Remind. If you are not already signed up, please sign up so you can be aware of these assignments. To sign up, text @agk9d23 to the number 81010. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out via Remind or e-mail,


    Ms. Rossi 


    PE At Home Resources 

    Hello Students and Parents! 

    We hope everyone is staying safe out there. We miss teaching you in PE class while we are not at school, but the good news is you already have all the skills, tools and knowledge you need to keep your body healthy.  

    We hope you can use all that we’ve learned in PE this year to stay active each day and if it’s safe and the weather is nice you could even try to get outside and play to keep yourselves active.  

    We've included some daily workouts for you to try out and linked up a ton of resources and activities that you can check out if you get bored or need a fun activity to do. 

    Please keep track of your daily PE activities.  We want to see what you are doing while school is closed. Just write down the date and what you did on a sheet of paper.  Or if you want to make your own fitness log check out this site for ideas!   Activity logs: 

    Students must return their PE activity logs to Ms.Riddick and Mrs.Brum when school reopens. 

    We would love to see pictures of our students in action.  Feel free to share pictures on twitter: Maura brum@Maurabrum1 and Ms.Riddick @BlackRockPhysEd 

    Stay Safe, Have Fun and Keep Yourself Active! 

    Ms.Riddick and Mrs.Brum  



    Dear Middle School Parents, Guardians, and Students,


    We hope that you are doing well and staying safe. This is a very strange time for all of us, but we want you to know that we are here for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email with any questions or for help on the assignments. Attached to this letter is a district-provided packet of grade level work for students to complete. Below is also a list of additional activities that students can work on.


    Ms. Bennett – Literacy/Written Expression – Email:

    • Read for 30 minutes a day
      • Students in Grade 7 can continue reading the novel Touching Spirit Bear on Microsoft OneNote
      • Students in Grade 8 can read a novel of their choice or access short stories that are uploaded in Microsoft OneNote in the Digital Learning tab
    • – Interactive vocabulary building – 15 minutes a day
      • Grade 7 – log in using your Bridgeport email and password (same as PowerSchool)  
      • Grade 8 – complete the following steps to enroll:
        1. Go to:
        2. Type in the class code: B7KQ9CM
        3. Click No, I need an account
        4. Use your Bridgeport email and password (same as PowerSchool) to create your account
        5. Complete calibration


    Mr. Hickey – Social Studies – Email:

    • Continue working on assigned chapter in textbook
    • Continue watching CNN10 everyday
    • Grade 7: Continue working on project


    Mr. Godbole – Science – Email:

    • Grade 7: Summarize and study all information from our physical science unit, and be prepared to begin earth science in the next few weeks
    • Grade 8: Make sure you are still comfortable with the life science unit, and be prepared to begin physical science in the next few weeks


    Ms. Roundtree – Mathematics – Email:

    • Complete your assignments and please submit your work on Teams. Also, is you have questions throughout the day; you can contact me via email.
    • Please continue doing iReady and continue to follow Teams for additional information and/or assignments. Make certain to submit your projects by Friday 3/27 (extension due to current circumstances). Last but not least, listen to some great music…do the Tick Tock dance!! (I might learn it myself). Be at peace until we come together again.


    Ms. Collins – Special Ed. – Email:

    • Read for 30 minutes a day
    • iReady Math (can be accessed through Clever)
    • Moby Max – math and ELA skills practice