Reopening Scenarios

  • Broadly defined, there are three possible scenarios for reopening schools in Fall 2020. Each scenario entails attention to an immense range of details, which will be the focus of intensive planning over the summer. (A detailed planning framework has been developed, which will be shared with the Board of Education and community on May, 2020.)

    1. Normal Model
      • District and schools reopen as scheduled and in standard
      • Draw on best of Distance Learning into a normal school
      • Be prepared to shift to Hybrid Model or Distance Learning Model as public health demands.
    2. Hybrid Model
      • Will be a blend along continuum from On Campus In-Person through Full-on Distance
      • District and schools reopen with students on campus part-time in shifts (guided by public health considerations).
      • Distance Learning provided for the balance of teaching and learning time each day.
    3. Distance Learning Model
      • District and schools continue full-on Distance Learning, as has been the model in Spring
      • Modify Distance Learning for 2020-21 to maximize pluses and minimize minuses of Spring 2020

    Many staff will be involved as the planning process expands. In addition, the Task Force will consult closely with the Governor’s Office, CT State Department of Education, CT Department of Public Health, the Bridgeport Health Department, other regional districts, Bridgeport Public School’s collective bargaining associations, parents and families, and our students.

    Most important, neither the BOE, Superintendent, or the Task Force will make unilateral decisions about the requirements and guidelines for successfully achieving the public health criteria. We will depend on and adhere to the requirements and guidelines provided by State and local authorities, and the Bridgeport EOC.

    The Bridgeport Public Schools cannot implement the Normal or the Hybrid models if we are not assured of health and safety for all students and staff. If we determine that the public health criteria cannot be met, we will focus on improving access to Distance Learning for Fall 2020.