• Astronomy Class Syllabus 

    Bassick High School  


    Teacher: Mr. O’Shea 

    Room: 359 

    Telephone: 203-401-8401 

    E-Mail: boshea@bridgeportedu.net 

    Class Credits: 1 

    Credits Section: 1 

    Extra Help: Available upon request from  



    Rules for Success: 


    1. Come to every class on time 
    1. Be engaged in your class activity 
    1. Develop and maintain positive respect and rapport with teachers and others in the class. 


    Progressive discipline:   


    1. Student warning 
    1. Parent contacted 
    1. Teacher consequence, parent contacted  
    1. Administrator intervention 


    Teacher reserves right to refer to administration immediately for serious infractions 


    Course Grading / Evaluation 


    Tests: 20% 

    Homework / Practice Documents / Quizzes: 30% 

    Projects / Portfolios / classwork: 50% 


    A: 100 – 90 

    B: 80 – 89 

    C: 70 – 79 

    D: 65 – 69 

    F: 55 – 64 


    AttendanceBeing in school is an important step in earning your diploma.  Any student missing 5 or more classes a quarter will receive and F for that quarter.  Any student missing 20 or more classes a year will receive an F.  An appeal process will be put in place for absences.  It is important to bring in notes for any missed days to your house office.