Degrees and Certifications:


I have been an English teacher at Bassick High School for the past twelve years. Previously I taught for five years in the South Bronx, NY, and for eight years in my birth country, Jamaica, where I taught English and trained teachers to teach English. As you might guess teaching is my passion. Through these years of experience, I have learned that students are very similar in many respects, but above all, they respond positively, over time, to someone who cares about them. A teacher believes in students’ ability to succeed, encourages with honest and constructive feedback, and gives students the opportunities to explore and grow from their learning experiences. I try to do all of that. I believe that ALL students can learn and can succeed in achieving her/his specific goals. 

I want my students to achieve a successful, purposeful, and satisfying life. I would like for each of them to have the ability and the opportunity to achieve both what they can envision, and even more than that. One of the reasons I have remained in the classroom for over twenty-six years is that I still find real purpose and enjoyment in my career, enough to overcome the frustrations and challenges. I have remained also because I believe I can make a difference in the lives of my students. My greatest joy as a teacher is to meet past students that are living their dream or making progress toward that dream. I am looking forward to meeting my new students and helping them through the new school year at Bassick and towards making their dream a reality.  

On a personal level, I reside in Bridgeport with my family. Two of my three daughters have attended a Bridgeport high school, one graduated from college and is pursuing her career in business, the second is currently pursuing a degree in nursing, and the third is currently a student in one of Bridgeport’s Magnet schools. Opportunities are there for you, but you must seize those opportunities and keep your focus on what you want to achieve.  Let Bassick High School be the place where you lay the right foundation for building the kind of future you desire.