Course Description

  • Welcome to Health Class!  Health is all about YOU.  Topics will include real-life situations for teens.  Units last two or three weeks, then we are on to something new!  The topic areas are based on teen pressures and teenage risk behaviors.


    *Students must pass Health to graduate BHS.  

    Object/Rationale:  The adolescent years are a time of many changes and decisions.  Health is designed to help students learn about their changing bodies, to help them sort out emotions and personal values, to aid them in maintaining optimum health as a lifelong process, and to show students how to take responsibility for making healthy decisions.  


    Health Curriculum (one semester course):

    1. Mental Health: dealing with stress, depression, suicide prevention, violence prevention, positive self-esteem, handling peer pressures, communication skills, and understanding mental health disorders.

    2. Physical Health: human anatomy, communicable vs. non-communicable diseases, genetic disorderders, disease prevention, CPR/1st Aid training.

    3. Sexuality: understanding reproductive anatomy, preventing sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy, the benefits of abstinence, recognizing health and unhealthy relationships, birth control methods, handling sexual abuse and assault.

    4. Drug Abuse Prevention: understanding the dangers of substance use, stages of addiction/recovery/treatment.

    5. Nutrition: balanced eating, understanding nutrients, reading food labels, eating disorders, and food advertising awareness.