• PowerSchool & PowerTeacher Reports

    PowerSchool and PowerTeacher are constantly changing and the reports necessary to function are also changing. In order to keep everyone notified of both new and existing reports, there are links below to enable you to find the report that you are looking for.


    There are two distinct report collections, PSCP – Custom Reports and sqlReports. The first PSCB are currently for Administrators using PowerSchool only. These reports are produced by a third party and cannot be altered. All titles are listing in the two links, but some reports may only be available at District level and some only at School level. The two PSCB links provided list all the reports, but one is by category and the other is an alphabetical listing with the category listed beside the title in order to locate the report on the PSCB page.

    The sqlReports are custom reports created by Data Management and tailored to the Districts needs. Like the PSCB reports, two of the three sqlReports links are for Admins only and like the PSCB reports all sqlReports are listed. However, unlike the PSCB, there are reports specifically designed for teachers using PowerTeacher. These reports are designed by the (PST).


    Please note, when these reports are run, the data used is the most current information. Therefore, if a report is distributed by email from the nightly batch, the same report run from either of these areas may be different because the data is constantly being updated.

    For those new to PowerSchool and PowerTeacher the reports can be found below.

For Admins In PowerSchool
For Teachers in PowerTeacher