• Clever Kids University

    We are excited to inform you that our preschool classrooms are using the Clever University Pre-Reader App to support your child’s continued growth in the academic skills needed for kindergarten readiness. 

    This FREE APP is available in both English and Spanish. 

    The Clever University Pre-Reader App is available for download on any personal device by following the steps below:

    • The app only requires Wi-Fi access when downloading it for the first time.
    • Once the app is downloaded, Wi-Fi access is not required for your student to successfully use the app. 
    • Steps to download the Clever University Pre-Reader App: Go to www.myf2b.com/register/bridgeportct
      to create your parent account. You will receive a username and password to log into the app. 
    • Download the Free App. 
    • Log in with your parent username and password. The app will keep you logged in.
    • Download the books, games, and lessons you plan to use.
    • Use the app for fifteen minutes every day.

    Please contact your child’s teacher if you need additional assistance.