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    Grade 6 and 7 Reading/Language Arts

    Mrs. Bradbury

    Course Requirements/Procedures/Grading


    Grading for Reading/Language Arts is divided into three categories: Oral Language, Reading Comprehension, and Written Expression.  In addition, number grades are given for Homework, Effort and Conduct.




    Tests are given routinely in Reading, Language Arts or Vocabulary.  All tests are always announced at least 4 days ahead and should be noted in the student's daily planner/ assignment pad.  In addition, short assessments will be given on students' progress in their reading assignments.  These assessments will not be announced ahead of time.



    Class Work and Participation

    Students are expected to participate in all areas of the classroom situation.  This includes group work, class discussions, and class assignments.  Writing is a daily part of our classroom routine and students' writing notebooks will be checked periodically.  Students are also expected to read independently and keep up with all reading assignments. 



    Reports and Projects

    There will be different styles of reports assigned per unit of instruction.  Explanations regarding these reports will always be sent home.

    Projects will be assigned every marking period.  Some will be more detailed than others and require research.



    Writing Assignments

    Essay writing is an important part of Grade 6 work.  The majority of tests will include different types of essay questions.  In addition, students will be working on expository writing which is part of the Connecticut Mastery Test.


    Oral Language

    Oral Language grades are given for oral reading in class and presentations of essays, reports and projects.  If a student is not prepared when a report/essay is due, a "0" will be given and it can not be made up.  Students will also be studying the parts of speech and the applications of grammar, both orally and written.  Periodic assessments will be given in the area of grammar.




    Vocabulary words will be assigned from the literature read in class.  We will also be working from a vocabulary book.  Vocabulary homework is given on almost a daily basis and is necessary to our progress in the book. 




    Homework is assigned almost every night.  One point will be taken from the student's final grade in the appropriate subject area for each missed homework assignment.  If a daily homework assignment is not given, students are expected to use that time to work on a previously assigned report/project. If a student is absent, he/she is expected to make up any missed assignments. Students need to be organized.The use of separate notebooks and folders in the areas of Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar and Written Expression is strongly recommended.