• My grading policy is as follows:


    v  40%     calculated from tests and projects.


    v  30 %    calculated from quizzes.


    v  10%     calculated from Problems of the Week.(POW)


    v  20%     calculated from homework and class work.




    My homework policy is as follows:


    v  It is expected that all homework assignments will be completed and handed in on time.


    Homework will be graded using a 5 point star system. To receive 5 pts on Homework the following must be completed:


    1)      1 point- homework is neat and in binder or notebook.

    2)      1 point -homework shows all work.

    3)      1 point -homework is done in pencil.

    4)      1 point -homework has lesson name and page number on top.

    5)      1 point -homework has date of assignment on top.


    TOTAL 5 points