Bring the following supplies to class everyday:

    1. Math binder OR math notebook                
    2. Pencil (do not use a pen for math)    
    3. Basic Calculator                        
    4. Eraser                               
    5. Portable pencil sharpener 


    Entering my Class:


    1. Pick up classwork and folder.  Go to your assigned seat   
    2.  Open your notebook, enter today's date, and begin work on the P.O.D. (Problem of the Day)    
    3. Copy homework assignment down.   



    1. Homework is assigned Monday-Thursday and collected on Fridays.  
    2. Homework is listed in the classroom everyday and may also be accessed from this website.

    For a complete list of class procedures and policies, see the document you and your parents signed at the start of the year.  This policy document may be viewed in the Document section of this website.