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    Try these books... Getting to know the Worlds Greatest Artists by Mike Venezia These are a series of books about different artists: Georgia O'Keeffe Vincent Van Gogh Jackson Pollock Pablo Picasso Paul Klee Andy Warhol Claude Monet Camille and The Sunflowers a story about Van Gogh by Laurence Anholt Dreaming Pictures: Paul Klee Adventures in Art by Paul Klee, Jurgen VonSchemm The First Starry Night by Joan Shaddox Isom Picasso and the girl with the Ponytail: A story about Pablo Picasso by Laurence Anholt Degas and the little Dancer: A story about Edgar Degas by Laurence Anholt Katie meets the Impressionists by James Mayhew My name is Georgia by Jeanette Winter Katie and the Mona Lisa by Mayhew Katie and the Sunflowers by Mayhew Uncle Andy's by James Warhola