• Friday Correspondence Journal (FCJ)

     (Weekly homework for both parents and children)

    The FCJ is a way for the children to communicate with parents about what they are learning in school. 

    As a class each Friday, we will brainstorm a list of topics that we covered throughout the week. 

    The children will write a letter to their parents in the FCJ explaining some of the things they learned in school.  This will be done in the classroom.

    Over the weekend, parents are asked to respond to their child's letter. 

    The purpose of this journal is to keep parents informed about what we are doing in school.  It also shows the children that their parents are interested in what they are learning.  The children really enjoy writing and are excited about getting a letter from their parents.

    When writing letters, please make sure they contain the date, a greeting, the body of the letter, and a closing.

    I will check the FCJ on Monday's.  Students will receive full credit if both the student and parent letter is included, half credit for only one letter, and no credit if no letters are written.

    I look forward to reading the letters in the FCJ each week.