• Classroom Rules for Grade 5, Room 216, Wynne Naber

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     Classroom Rules:

    1. Come to school prepared with sharpened pencils, your notebooks, and Homework.
    2. Always have a chapter book or a non fiction Science book to read when your work is completed.
    3. Raise your hand before speaking.
    4. When I am speaking, you are NOT.
    5. When I am speaking, your eyes are on me.
    6. Be respectful to everyone. Kindness is important.
    7. Stay in your seat unless you have permission to move.
    8. You must use the sign out sheet and ask me to use the facility.
    9. There is no talking when in line; keep hands and feet to yourself.
    10. Complete all classroom and homework assignments.
    11. Be kind and respectful to all.
    12. Study for all tests, they will be challenging!
    13. Complete Book Reports on TIME!!!