• "The earth smiles in flowers."

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    The school garden began when four High Horizons Magnet School teachers received a Mini Grant from the Bridgeport Education Foundation. The project was called "Green Thumb Partners".

    The students in Mrs. Taylor's kindergarten and Mr. Davis' fourth grade class collaborated with Ms. Venier, the computer teacher, and Mrs. Polizzo, the art teacher, in using an interdisciplinary approach to having students explore the process of growing plants. Throughout the year, the students read books and material related to plants and gardening. They made graphs, researched on the Internet, wrote creative stories and expressed themselves artistically.

    The goals of the project were:

    ·to have students work together cooperatively

    ·learn and use the scientific method

    ·develop responsibility by nurturing the growth of plants

    ·improve graphing skills

    ·become proficient with gardening terminology and skills

    ·learn to access the Internet and technology

    ·plant shrubbery to help beautify the school

    ·use what they learn to produce a thriving garden

    The teachers, students and some parents helped in preparing the soil and getting the area ready for planting. The teachers assisted the students in planting shrubs and bulbs in the garden area, as well as in large planters that were placed around the school. Many perennials were added later.

    The garden helped to foster a positive relationship between the kindergarten and the fourth grade and to instill in the children an appreciation of nature and the environment.

    Since receiving the initial grant for the project, the garden has grown with the help of Groundworks and the Butterflies Are Teachers partnership. This project involved the students from Harding High School working together with the High Horizons Magnet School students and parents in planting additional plants and shrubs in the garden.

    It has taken a lot of work to develop the High Horizons Magnet School garden, but it has been worth it to see the beautiful plants blooming each year. The garden is enjoyed by everyone.

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