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    During center time children have fun working with words.  They stamp, write with play-dough, use "Bendaroos", etc. They will begin to learn their sight words and practice reading word families like: cat, mat, hat, that, rat.

  • How can you help?  Read with your child.  Find words they know in the paper, magazines, bills, letters.  They can tell you a story and you write it.  They can read it back to you.

      When they are reading little words they shouldn't stop between the sounds.  They should blend them.   If they start putting together the 1st two sounds its easier.

     (ie: ca-t, si-t, sa-t,ba-t, bu-t,bi-t,...)

  • We will begin the year reviewing preK sight words: the, my, a, I, like, see, can and naming the letters (out of order).   Then we will work on letter sounds.  If your child knows their sounds then I will begin teaching them how to sound out/blend or decode words.