• Overview of Academic Program

    An accelerated program of college-preparatory through advanced-placement level courses in marine and environmental sciences as well as marine and science-related technology is offered. Students benefit from these requirements by better understanding the continuous interaction between science and technology in real-world situations. Exploratory curriculums are completed in a half-year of double periods for full-year credit.

    Students have two program options for their course of studies at the Aquaculture School. The Exploratory Program, which includes grades 9 through 12 and the Bridgeport Aquaculture College Alliance (BACA) Program, which is offered to students in grade 12.

    To ensure that each student receives instruction that reflects, in general, marine-related career fields, we highly recommend all students enrolled in the exploratory program take one unit/credit each of science and technology each year while attending the school. Within this program, there is built-in flexibility of choice.

    The BACA Program

    The BACA program’s course of studies includes: 6 UCONN credits in two marine sciences, plus 4 AP credits; 1 honors credit each in marine engineering, the origins of aquaculture and aquaculture survey and statistical analysis.

    The BACA program offers college credit through the University of Connecticut’s ECE program. UConn ECE is an academic program dedicated to providing high school students access to, and preparation for, higher education. Enrolled high school students take college courses at their high school. Their instructors, the ECE Faculty, are adjunct professors who are certified by UConn's ECE Program Coordinators. UConn credits are accepted at many colleges and universities across the country. ECE has earned nationwide respect through the talent of its student participants and a group of over 600 dedicated high school educators. Learn more about the BACA Program.

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