• UCONN ECE and UB Dual Enrollment Program


    Proud Partner with Uconn ECE

     UConn ECE is an academic program dedicated to providing high school students access to, and preparation for, higher education. Enrolled high school students take college courses at their high school. Their instructors, the ECE Faculty, are adjunct professors who are certified by UConn's ECE Program Coordinators. Students will earn transferable UCONN credits and high school credit weighted as AP.UConn credits are accepted at many colleges and universities across the country. ECE has earned nationwide respect through the talent of its student participants and a group of over 600 dedicated high school educators.


    UCONN ECE Courses

    AQ 100 - ECE Environmental Science

    An introduction to concepts of environmental concern and how these problems can be effectively addressed.

    AQ 101 - ECE Oceanography

    Explores the interactions and interrelationships between physical, chemical, biological and geological processes that contribute to both the stability and the variability of the marine environment.

    AQ 102 - ECE Chemistry 127

    Designed to provide a foundation for advanced courses in chemistry.

    AQ 103 - ECE Chemistry 128

    A continuation of ECE Chemistry 127 course. Topics include: acid-based chemistry, equilibria (gaseous and solution), kinetics, solution theory and electrochemistry.

    AQ 105 - ECE Biology 1108 

    Designed to provide a foundation for more advanced courses in Biology and related sciences.

     To learn more about these courses, visit our courses page or click here for more information. 

    University of Bridgeport's Dual Enrollment program:


    This collaboration is designed to help high school students access to higher education. Students will earn transferable UB credits and high school credit weighted as AP.

    Courses offered:

    PHY 201: General Physics I

    Algebra based Physics course designed to provide foundation for Classical Mechanics, Heat and Thermodynamics. 

    SCI – C201- Our Environment: The Oceans

    A Natural Sciences Elective/Liberal Arts Elective