• Astronomy Club







    Bassick High School is very special when it comes to science, especially Astronomy. We have a 6 in research grade refracting telescope housed in our observatory. This is a very unique research instrument to have at the high school level. We also have a large amount of support equipment as well associated with the observatory.


    This includes a Hydrogen Alpha solar filter which allows us to do solar observations of the Sun during the day when school is in session. We also have several portable telescopes; an 8 and 10 inch Schmidt-Cassegrain GPS guided telescopes and a 12 inch Dobsoinian telescope. These telescopes are used to perform observations and astrophotography of our Solar System & Moon pictured.



    Bassick also has an extensive amount of Vernier electronic probes, sensors, devices and software for interactive 21st century lab experience. Magnetic field sensors are used to determine the strength and direction of Earth’s magnetic field.

    (Vernier Data Collection Software)

    Bassick has an Astronomy Club that is NASA registered. Our students can build model rockets starting first from kits and progressing to custom built. The club uses computer software to design their rocket to have specific flight criteria based on time, altitude, payload and weight limitations




    (Starry Night Computer Software)

    Bassick Rocketry Videos






    The club also gives weekly announce to the school providing information on the weekends astronomical happenings, Bassick’s “Eye on the Sky”.