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Adult Education

  • FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions 

    • Q.   I’m a sophomore in high school, but I want to quit and attend Adult Ed instead. What do I have to do to enroll in Bridgeport Adult Education?

      We encourage you to continue your studies in your current high school, but if you believe you must leave, you will be eligible to enroll in adult education only if you meet the following conditions:
      1. You are at least 17 years of age or older, and you are not enrolled in day school.
      2. If you are 17 years of age, you must show proof that your parent or guardian has approved your withdrawal from day school. This is normally done in writing on an official withdrawal form. You should consult your guidance counselor or school principal before making this decision.
    • Q.   I never finished high school; what do I have to do get my high school diploma?

      You have a couple of choices.

      •  If you are seeking to complete the high school program you started while you were in public school, you might consider the Credit Diploma Program. That will entail taking classes regularly and successfully completing all of the required courses. A     guidance counselor can help you in determining the specific courses you must take.
        Or you might decide that the GED credential is more suitable for your purposes. One of our counselors will help you to assess your readiness for taking the GED exam, or recommend that you attend classes for additional preparation.
    • Q.   How long will it take me to get my GED?

      A.   Several factors have to be considered:

      •  What grade did you complete in school? How long ago? How committed are you to attend classes regularly? How quickly do you learn? Appraisal and assessment tests will be administered to determine your starting level.
      •  If your scores on the assessment test are at the GED level, then you will be able to take a Practice GED test covering the five subjects. Staff will examine those results to see if you are ready to take the test, or need reinforcement in a subject.
    • Q.  What’s the difference between a GED and a High School Credit Diploma?

      A.   The overall difference in obtaining one or the other is between passing several courses and passing a test.

      •  The high school credit diploma is awarded after successfully completing an approved course of secondary school studies, and is considered equivalent to the high school diploma awarded by the public schools.
      •  The GED, as the full title implies, is a measure of “general educational development” that is obtained by taking a state examination. Although classes may be taken to help prepare for the exam, they are not required. What is required is achieving a passing     score in all 5 subject areas on the exam. While it is a valid educational credential, the armed forces and some universities may not always accept an applicant with a GED.
    • Q.  How do I register for classes?

      A.   An up-to-date schedule is available on this website. Registration dates are also listed in the current brochure, and on the flyers available at our Adult Ed offices and learning centers. Counselors are on hand at our teaching locations to advise and assist incoming students with the registration process.
    • Q.   Will the Army or a University accept my GED?
    • A.   For various reasons, the armed forces and universities have not always accepted applicants with GED, but recently, more and more universities have opened their doors to successful GED students. The same may be said of the armed forces, whose policies at present have opened doors to recruits holding the GED credential.
    • Q.   If I take the GED test in Spanish, will my diploma say GED/Spanish?

      A.   The diploma itself will not have an indication of which language version of the GED was administered. It is the transcript that will indicate which language version was used.
    • Q.   Do I need a state ID to enroll in ESL classes?

      A.   You do not need a state ID, but we do ask for proper identification such as your driver’s license or passport.
    • Q.   Do you offer Citizenship classes?

       We offer citizenship classes to prepare you for the citizenship test. The classes focus on questions that are similar to those asked on the citizenship test.
    • Q.   Are there any interactive learning activities available to help me succeed on the GED test?

      Yes, you can find lots of help on the GED Practice Test website. (See the Links section of this website.)
    • Q.   What is the ”valid picture ID” that you require of students to register for the GED?

      A.   A valid picture ID may be one of the following and must be current (non-expired):
      • A state-issued driver’s license
      • A passport
    • Q.   I’ve heard about the National External Diploma Program (NEDP). Where can I get information about this program?

      A.   Contact the Mercy Learning Center or Family Services Woodfield in Bridgeport.