• We are fortunate to have a SouthWest Community Health Center School-based Health Center in our building, staffed by a full-time medical assistant, social workers, a Nurse Practitioner, and a dental hygienist.  Parents can enroll their children with the SBHC for services, and to get more information, can contact Heather at 203-275-2173.  The school nurse and SBHC work together to promote our children’s health.  If your child is not feeling well, please DO NOT send them to school to be seen by the nurse or SBHC.  You can call to see if an appointment is available, however sick children do not belong in the classroom.

    We love to see our classrooms full of healthy students who are able to learn, but there are sometimes circumstances that should keep children home.  If your child is not feeling well enough to pay attention, stay awake, and participate in class, or if a child in class has a troubling cough or difficulty that may interfere with the learning of others, it is most likely best that the sick child stay at home.  There are also circumstances that require a child be excluded from school. These include being diagnosed with a contagious disease, having a temperature above 100 degrees, or having vomiting or diarrhea within 24 hours, crawling head lice, and contagious pink eye..  If your child becomes sick at school, or if these illnesses occur at home, please help your child to fully recover and protect others in our school community by keeping your child home to get better.

    Guidelines to Childhood Illness are attached here and can be viewed in English or Spanish.

    More information and forms are available at Bridgeportedu.com under Departments, Nurse’s Office tab.  Included is information or forms for Immunization requirements, K and New Student Health Requirements, Grade 7 Immunization Requirements, Health Assessment Record (Blue Form), Grade 6 and 10 Physical requirements, Medication Information and Permission Forms, Exemption statements, and Concussion Information.