• Beardsley School History
  • Beardsley Elementary School was built in 1903. It began as a ten-room brick structure which cost $60,000 dollars and housed 229 boys and 182 girls. Originally named the Huntington Road School, the PTA successfully petitioned in 1922 to have the school renamed in honor of James Beardsley who had donated much land to the city. A three-alarm fire destroyed the school in 1938. Rebuilt and enlarged through a WPA grant, the school even served as the area bomb shelter during the second world war. During the 1960s, lunch facilities were added to the school, and Beardsley became a Pre-K through Grade 6 school. By the mid-1990s, Beardsley School had over 30 teachers and a student population of over 650. Today Beardsley School has over 330 students from various ethnic backgrounds. Along with their teachers and families, they make Beardsley School a wonderful place to come and learn!