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    To parents/guardians: I have the same goal for your children I have had for my own. I want your children to strive to reach their true potential. If they persevere on a continual basis they will be successful. They will then become self-learners and have the tools to make intelligent choices in all aspects of their lives. I am responsible for teaching the seventh grader students Life Science, and the eighth grader students Physical Science. I incorporate many hands-on experiences for students to explore various concepts related to the lessons being taught, as well as having students communicate their observations and conclusions. I believe it is important that students learn to support their conclusions with facts. Today, too many people go to social media for their information, and most of it is incorrect. Students need to learn how to search and use valid information.
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  • I am responsible for the teaching of seventh and eighth grade science at Thomas Hooker School. I also conduct an after school STEM Program (CPEP).