September 2016

    Thomas Hooker School Visual Arts Newsletter


    Contact Information:

    E-mail (preferred method) Mrs. O’Meara: lomeara@bridgeportedu.net, or call our school and leave a message for me at: 203-576-7185. 

    Projects by Grade Level:

    Kindergarten: Family Portraits, Lines and Color

    First: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

    Second: Paper Flower Garland*

    Third: Maracas*

    Fourth: Amate Art*

    Fifth: Weaving

    Sixth: Banderitas and Panpipes*

    Seventh: 3-D Cake Slices   

    Eighth: Mexican Sun Designs and Cuff Bracelets*


    Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated September 15-October 15. Projects noted with a "*" are Hispanic Heritage-related Art projects that will be featured on the bulletin boards around the Art Room during this time period.

    Please notify me via e-mail (lomeara@bridgeportedu.net) or in person if you would like to volunteer to assist students in the Art room during the year. I'd be happy to have you in class.




    Mrs. O'Meara

    Art Teacher

    Thomas Hooker School



    Other information:
    I am Connecticut certified to teach Art to students in grades Pre-K-12 and also have a Master's in Education.  This 2016-'17 school year will be my 13th year of teaching. My first three years were spent teaching art to youth, Grades K-12, in Alternative Education and Juvenile Detention centers throughout Connecticut. My goals are to develop positive relationships with our Thomas Hooker families, and provide a well-rounded arts program by continuously seeking new resources and approaches to learning. I wish to instill respect for self and others while helping students reach their academic and life goals. 
    This year my biggest goal is to promote Bridgeport student art, both visual and performing, in the public on a regular basis. This means seeing your child's talent showcased in local banks, restaurants and theaters!