Dear Classical Studies Academy Friends,


    Classical Studies is a caring and committed community.  There is no one person or group who can take credit for the success of our school.  The staff at Classical Studies Academy work together as a team while they constantly share and learn.  Parents are actively involved and can be seen on the playground, in the classrooms and in the hallways.  They stand behind all that we do and their support is invaluable.  Everyone works together in the best interest of the children and this spirit can be seen throughout the school as we embrace, “Every child, every chance, every day!”


    Classical Studies Academy is a great place to learn.  The teachers spend a great deal of time getting to know each child to better meet their social, emotional and academic needs.  Operating under the Paideia methodology of instruction students participate in coached projects and Socratic seminars.  These learning experiences promote active learning wherein students are the knowledge seekers.  They have opportunities to engage in rich discourse regarding topics they are learning about.  We provide an education based on high expectations for all children, “Every child, every chance, every day!”


    Classical Studies Academy is a place where we believe, “Every child, every chance, every day!”  Every child has the right to an education in an environment that builds confidence, friendship, security and happiness, irrespective of their family circumstances and background.  We strive to provide this environment at Classical Studies Academy through our character education program, enrichment program, as well as, the academic program.  We are determined to give, “Every child, every chance, every day!”


    Yours in education,


    Helen D. Giles