To whom it may concern: 


    A meeting of the Bassick School Governance Council (SGC) will be held Monday, December 20, 2021 at 2:30pm in the Bassick library.   All interested members of the Bassick community are invited to attend. 

    Agenda as follows: 

    1. ParentSquare 

    2. Principal’s Updates 

    3. Interviews for Assistant Principal at Bassick

    4. Any other business that may rightfully come before the Council 



    Rich Deecken 

    Chairman, Bassick SGC 

  • Staff Members:

    Joseph Raiola, Principal 

    Rich Deecken, Chairman 

    John Brockenberry 

    Clayton Eles 

    Robin Favello

    Sheryl Pohl 

    Tara Liskov 


    Community Members:

    Jeanette Falcón 

    Chrislene Coriolan 

    Rosa Torres 

    Evalis Vasquez 

    Pastor Doran Wright 

    Prof. Mike Roer