• All About Skane
    Our school secretary, Mrs. Alexandra Davis, is a valuable resource. If you have any questions or need to notify the school of any changes in your child's bussing arrangements, she is the person to contact.
    Skane School is an early childhood education center servicing over 280 children ages 3-5 with a variety of needs. We use a theme based activity center approach to learning. We are located at:
     2977 Madison Avenue in the north end of Bridgeport.  
    Regular session hours are:
     Pre-K AM session: 7:40-10:20am
    Pre-K PM session: 11:20-2:00pm
    Half day session hours are:
    AM session: 7:40-9:25am
    PM session: 9:55-11:40am
    Visitors: Skane School welcomes all parents to visit the school. All visitors are requested to use the FRONT BLUE Door, when they come to school. Please do not go to a classroom without reporting to the office first. Visitors must sign in and the teacher is notified a visitor will be coming to their classroom. This procedure is to ensure the safety of our children.
    Individual Student Dismissal: If you wish to pick up a child from school, please send a note to the teacher requesting early dismissal. Please come to the office first to sign out your child.
    Absences: It is important that your child attend school regularly. If your child is out call the school number (203-275-1451) and leave the following information: child's name, room number, teacher's name, and the reason why the child is out. This must be done until the child returns to school. Once the child returns after an absence he/she must submit a written excuse for the absence, signed by a parent, legal guardian or doctor, to the teacher. The note should include the date and reason for the absence. Please call bussing to let them know that your child will be out.
    Telephone Numbers and Addreses: The school must always have the correct address, telephone number and/or emergency numbers for your child. If you move or change your telephone number, please provide this information immediately. If your phone is out of service, please send in with your child the phone number of a relative or neighbor who can contact you in case of an emergency.