• School Hours

    Morning Session (Pk 3) - 7:40am - 10:15am

    Afternoon Session (Pk 4) - 11:20am - 2:00pm 

    Early Release Session Schedule (Half Day)

    Morning Session (PK3) - 7:40-9:25am

    Afternoon Session (PK4) - 9:55-11:40am 

    Inclement Weather

    If there is a delayed opening, the morning session will be canceled and the afternoon session will continue with their regular schedule (11:20am-2:00pm). If there is an early release, the afternoon session will be canceled. 

    Individual Student Dismissal

    Although we ask that your child fully participates in the school day, if there is a need to leave early, please send a note to the teacher requesting early dismissal or contact our Main Office at 203-275-1451.

    *Please remember that anyone who is on the emergency contact list must be at least 18 years old and have a photo ID.


    It is important that your child attends school regularly. If your child is out, please call the school number (203-275-1451) and leave the following information: child's name, room number, teacher's name, reason why the child is out. This must be done every day until the child returns to school. Once the child returns after an absence, he/she must submit to the teacher a written excuse for the absence, signed by a parent, legal guardian or doctor. The note should include the date and reason for the absence.

     Contact Information

    The school must always have the correct address, telephone number, email and emergency contact for your child.  If you move or change your information, please provide new information immediately. If your phone is out of service or email inaccessible, please send alternate contact information to school with your child in case of an emergency.