Michele Matera Supervisor/Principal:
    (203) 275-1451
    Clerical Assistant: Alexandra Davis (203) 275-1452
    Clerical Assistant for Birth to Three and Consultation Center: Angela Pulley
    Teaching Staff:  
    Room 101: Robin Bottillo-Anderson
    Room 102: Sherryll Cruz
    Room 103: Kelly Davis
    Room 104: Siobhan Comeau-Russell
    Room 105: Sally Pace
    Room 106: Lillian Trembley
    Room 108: Margaret DiMasi
       Room 110: Jennifer Hayes 
    Room 111: Kelly Prizio 
    Room 112: Dacey Doherty
    Resource - Mrs. Gail Wallace & Mrs. Carmela Marachi
    Room 101: Ms. Sam & Ms. Juliet
    Room 102:  Ms. Teodora & Ms. Keisha
    Room 103:  Ms. Coco & Ms. Jill
    Room 104: Ms. Dina & Ms. Jackie
    Room 105: Ms. Aida & Ms. Ann
    Room 106: Ms. Florencia &  Ms. Elizabeth
     Room 108: Mr. Armand & Ms. Renu 
    Room 110: Ms. Elizabeth, Ms. Fern & Ms. Vineetra
    Room 111:  Mr. Tayvon & Ms. Amy 
    Room 112:  Ms. Jessica & Ms. Ra'nese 
    Consultation Center:
    Ms. Rosalyn & Ms. Vineetra
    Support Staff:
    Laurie Vogl-OT 
    Karen Cranich-OT
    Chelsea Gaglio -Speech Language Pathologist
    AllisonPadilla - Speech Language Pathologist
     Susan DeSouza -School Psychologist
    Betsy Kane: School Psychologist
    Suzy Starr-Physical Therapist
    Julia Gutierras-Social Worker
    Kendra Grasso - Teacher of the Hearing Impaired
    Mr. Alex - Custodian
    Ms. Sheniqu - Security  
    Nurse Karen: RN-School Nurse
     Ms. Maria - Kitchen
    Consulatation Center:
    Emily Rodriguez- Transition Coordinator/Birth to Three /Enhancement
    Giselle Dillard-special education teacher/co-Birth to Three Transition Coordinator
    Patricia Benner-Birth to Three/Enhancement
    Betsy Calderon-Coordinator
     Jennifer Formoso-Social Worker
    Anita Perez-Social Worker
    Elena Kroupnick-Birth to Three/Bilingual Speech/Language Therapist 
     Diana Cuevas Davis-Special Education Teacher
    Elizabeth Merced-Enhancement Teacher