• Dear Families,

    Ruler is a program that supports understanding emotions and how we can move from one feeling to another.  Young students are supported by connecting emotions with words. By doing this they are able to identify what they or their peers are feeling and connect the emotion to an illustration that provides words that describe how they feel on the inside.  Students are provided lessons to identify what makes them happy, sad, mad or calm. Words are connected to illustrations of emotions.  By creating a Class Charter, students are then supported in what they want to feel (happy, safe, excited) and if they are not feeling a desired emotion (mad, sad or scared) what can they can do to feel happy again. Students are then encouraged to use the Mood Meter to connect their feeling to the words and emotions taught.   This support in regulating their feelings. Ruler encourages student voice, communicating their thoughts and feelings and asking for information.  We encourage you to join our educators as they support students in understanding their feelings. I have listed stories below.  Remember, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask your child’s classroom teacher.   


    The Feelings Book
    The Way I Feel
    The Color Monster
    I'm Happy-Sad Today
    Glad Monster Sad Monster