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    Welcome parents, guardians, and Grandparents to The Parent's Corner.
    Madison School is proud to have one of the largest and most active parent groups in the Bridgeport Schools!
    We need all Madison School families to become involved in helping our students succeed. 
    Choose a way to become involved that works with your schedule. 
    1. Parent Advisory Council (PAC)
    Madison PAC meetings are the second Thursday of every month at 9 am in the school cafeteria.
    The meeting schedule includes announcements and policy, a speaker, activities, and free refreshments.
    We need you-- your attendance, support, and input to make it a success!
    Everyone is welcome to attend.
     2. School Governance Council (SGC)

    Madison School Governance Council enables parents, school staff, students (where appropriate) and community leaders to work together to improve student achievement.
    The SGC meets on the second Tuesday of each month, with an alternate date for inclement weather during the winter months.

    3. Classroom Volunteers

    Classroom volunteers help teachers with class communication duties such as copying, filing, and stuffing mailboxes. Classroom volunteers can chaperone trips, and assist classroom teachers in special in-school activities. Contact your child's teacher to volunteer.

     4. Special Event Volunteers

    Madison School has many fun events for your children. When parents/guardians are involved, it makes the event even more special for your children! Below is a list of yearly events where you can volunteer.
    Event   Month  Contact
    Columbus Day Parade- 6th gr Band  October  Mrs. Gaboardi
     Bucket Fillers Monthly  Mrs. Mildrum
     Fall & Spring Festivals  October-May  Ms. Maxwell-Mrs. Gibbs
     Honor Roll  Quarterly  Mrs. Randolph
     Perfect Attendance    Monthly  Ms. Maxwell
     Book Fairs  November & May  Ms. Maxwell
     Holiday Concert  December  Mrs. Gaboardi
     Family Folk Dance  March  Mrs. Gaboardi & Mr. Meltzer    
     St. Patrick's Day Parade  March  Mrs. Gaboardi
     Spelling Bee  April  Mrs. Mildrum
     Spring Concert  May-June  Mrs. Gaboardi
     PBIS K-3 Carnival  June  Mrs. Gibbs
     Field Day  June  Mr. Meltzer
     Moving Up-Stepping Forth Ceremony  June  Mrs. Kelemen/Mrs. Reyes/Mrs. Dodge/Mrs. Raschke
     Flag Day  June  Mrs. Gaboardi & Mrs. Maura Charney


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