• Tuesday, January 21, 2020

    It'll be here before you know it!  

    Dear Parents & Guardians:

    Welcome to the 2019/2020 school year!  Please read on for important information, including uniform & cell phone policies and supplies' lists.

    Communication will be the most important part of a successful 6th grade year!  

    • You may contact us at the email addresses above.
    • Please visit our 6th Grade Website at: https://www.bridgeportedu.net/Domain/260
    • Mrs. Dodge will be using Remind as an additional method of communication.  Please click here to join Remind, an easy way to get information and chat with the teacher right on your phone! 

    Adherence to the Uniform Dress Code in sixth grade is a must.  **Please be sure your child has a uniform sweater or sweatshirt, as they will not be permitted to wear any non-uniform sweaters/sweatshirts.** 

    The Bridgeport Public School uniform policy is as follows: 

      • Bottoms: Students may wear navy or khaki (tan) uniform pants, girls also have the option to wear navy or khaki skirts at an appropriate length.  Sweatpants only allowed on gym days: solid gray and navy ONLY; lettering or logos, (other than official Madison School sweatpants) are NOT allowed.  JEANS ARE NOT ALLOWED.
      • Tops: Students may wear a SOLID white, navy or maroon COLLARED shirt with no lettering or logos (other than official Madison School shirts).   
      • Sweaters or sweatshirts: Either pullover or zip up, must be solid navy, gray or white; hoods, writing and/or logos (other than official Madison School outerwear) or multiple colors are NOT allowed.

    Non-academic cell phone use in school is not permitted, as noted in the Bridgeport Code of Conduct:

    Using a Cellular Phone or Mobile Device While in School or while Attending any School-Sponsored Function On or Off School Property:

    Students shall not use a mobile device or a cellular phone, e.g. MP3, iPod, Smartphone or Tablet during school hours for non-academic purposes. If students are found using such devices, the administrator can confiscate and return the device at the end of the day and warn that repeated offenses will result in the device being confiscated for a month’s time.

    If a student is seen with a cell phone during the school day, the phone will be taken, given to administration, and a parent will be required to come and pick up the phone.  In addition, students bring their phone into school at their own risk.  The Bridgeport Public School System, its teachers and staff will not be held liable should anything happen to a student’s cell phone.


    Unscented Hand Sanitizer (2-3 bottles)      Tissues (2-3 boxes)     Disinfectant wipes (2-3 containers)    

    Paper towels (2 rolls)      Copy paper (2 - 3 packages)    Black Sharpies

    THANK YOU!!! 

    Supplies’ List: English Language Arts (Rm. 308) & Science/Social Studies (Rm. 310)  

    ALL SIXTH GRADE STUDENTS: The first nine items will be split between rooms 308 & 310 for your child to use in those classes:

    1. Two large boxes of #2 sharpened pencils (24 or more)
    2. Two packs of colored pencils (24 count)
    3. Red pens (2)
    4. Two packages of highlighters (four colors in each)
    5. Two packs - Jumbo glue sticks (4 in each pack)
    6. Large pink erasers (2)
    7. Three - 2 pocket Heavy Duty Plastic Folders
    8. One - wide ruled composition notebook
    9. One - wide ruled one-subject notebook
    10. Five - 1 subject college-ruled notebooks
    11. Two pairs of earbuds - each in its own plastic zip-lock bag labeled with name and home room number
    12. Two packages of lined paper (no holes and no margin) Amazon carries these :)
    13.  Pencil sharpener (with a cover, please) NOT battery operated

    HOMEROOM STUDENTS ONLY: The following items will be used in all three classrooms:

    • Soft zippered pencil case (no plastic boxes, please)
    • USB Mouse (Optional, but highly recommended as many of our chromebooks have unreliable mouse pads)

     **Please LABEL all supplies with your child’s name and bring them to school on August 29, 2019**

    Looking forward to a fantastic school year! 
    Mrs. Dodge, Ms. Kelemen & Mrs. Reyes
Last Modified on August 21, 2019