• Hello, Everyone! I'm Mrs. McNamara, your Math Resource teacher!. Our room number is 332 and it's upstairs but you usually will be able to find us in someone's classroom because: It's Always Time for Math!!!!!!!!!!!

    Madison Mathematicians Are A-mazing!!!
  • We are very excited for a whole new year of MATH! We'll be modeling lessons in: Time Measurement Place Value Word Problems Algebra Probability Data Collection Fractions Geometry YIPEE!!!! Lots of Fun for EVERYONE!!!! Here are a few "Math Buster, Mind Teasers"...... 30 D in A (answer: 30 days in April) 4 S in Q 60 S in M 3 F in Y 25 P in Q 20 P + 1 N= 1 Q 5,280 F = 1 M 36 I = 1 Y 1 W - 24 H = 6 D You'll be able to get the answers when you come and visit us at the Math Lab on the 3rd floor...............:)