Great Rocket Winners Grade 8
  • February 10, 2018


    Dear Teachers and Parents,


    Please see below for exciting NASA updates!




    Next week, students in kindergarten, first, and second grades will be learning all about the Moon. Students will be learning about the Earth-Moon system and the relative sizes and distances of the two objects in space. We will use scale models of each object to see how they interact.




    Next week, fifth grade will be learning about how we observe and discover objects in space. We will try a variety of observations, fly-bys, and orbits to see an object in increasing detail. Fourth grade will learn about time across the solar system with a game about days and years across space. Third grade will be studying how satellites get into orbit. We’ll be learning about what an orbit is and what’s going around our Earth right now.




    This week, grade 6 NASA learned about some of the hazards astronauts face out in space and what NASA is doing to protect them.  Next week they will learn about one of the hazards in more detail – damage from space debris.  Using potatoes as mock astronauts, students will be challenged to create a space suit for them which will withstand both a close and at a distance impact – spud suits!


    Next week, grades 7 & 8 will continue their investigations into human space travel.  Continuing this week’s lesson on radiation, students will have the opportunity to use a Geiger counter to gage the radioactivity of a variety of items and test out some shielding materials.  They will also learn about the importance of atmospheric pressure and observe what happens to a some common items in a bell jar vacuum. 







    Sarah Tropp-Pacelli

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