• Unique Facilities


    Our school provides students access to classrooms and laboratories equipped with the the most modern equipment available Current highlights include:

    Aquaculture Laboratory

    • Marine & freshwater recirculating systems
    • Micro-algae Laboratory
    • Greenhouse/Hydroponics Lab
    • Pathology Laboratory
    • FloCam - Rapid Cell Counting and Identification

    Research Vessels

    • M/V Catherine Moore - 57-foot research vessel with on-board classroom
    • Parker - 25 foot fishing boat
    • Privateer - 25 foot Lobster boat
    • Kevlar Cat - Multi-Hull training vessel

    Computer Assisted Design Laboratory

    • Hydraulic training system
    • CAD/CAM and boat design workstations
    • 3-D Printer

    Boat Construction Laboratory

    • Computer-aided machining station
    • Commercial woodworking/boat building equipment
    • Computer controlled machining table

    Chemistry II Laboratory

    • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
    • Programmed-temperature Gas Chromatograph
    • Infrared & Ultraviolet/Visible Spectrophotometers
    • Scanning Electron Microscope
    • Computer-enhanced instructional stations
    • Elemental Analyzer
    • Mercury Analyzer
    • Mass Spectrometer

    Long Island Sound Grow-out Systems

    • Summer Farm - used for the demonstration growout of selected finfish, shellfish and algae species
    • Shellfish grounds - Certified areas for the production of oysters and clams
    • Seaweed Farm

    Bridge Simulator

    • A fully interactive replication of the controls and maneuvering of various ships, including the Catherine Moore


    • Romotely Operated Vehicle for underwater exploration, recoveries, inspections, search and rescue

    Video-Conferencing Equipment

    • Distance Learning and Communication studios